CBRE Marketplace offers the most comprehensive deal flow, your next investment is a few clicks away. Introducing CBRE Marketplace's Listing Site.

With $22.5 billion in property sales and $4.5 billion in loan sales, CBRE led the industry in transaction volume in 2010.

CBRE offers auction marketing programs, accelerated sales strategies for the disposition of real property and notes, with open outcry, sealed bids and online formats customized to meet your goals.

If you would like to know if an auction strategy is right for you, click here to learn more about CBRE' s Auction capabilities.

Stay in the know, let insightful intelligence drive your strategy. Access real time market intelligence and thought papers produced by CBRE Econometric Advisors and CBRE's Capital Markets Professionals

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CBRE Marketplace is a secure virtual transaction management platform that empowers brokers, investors and property owners to collaborate with real time asset information and enhances the transaction process by achieving optimal performance throughout the entire real estate life cycle.

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